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Hi, I'm Garen!

About Me

I'm a sophomore in high school, and I program, mountain bike, and ski for fun. I mountain bike and ski competitively with my school, but I program for fun. I started out on Scratch, then I learned a little Python. Eventually, I took the Intro to JS course on Khan Academy and learned the basics of JavaScript. Since then, I've learned to make web apps using Node.js and Express. Using Node.js and Express, I've made a few professional web apps for my dad. These include Easy Intake Forms, the Vet500 voting software, and the 2019 Idaho's Best voting software. Now, I'm trying to learn how programming languages work by making Pivot, C by making ghOSt, and iOS App Development by making Clander.

My Main Projects


Pivot is my experimental programming language. The goal is to better understand what compilers do and how programming languages work. Check it out on GitHub.


ghOSt is my experimental operating system. The goal is to better understand what operating systems do and the scale of current operating systems. Check it out on GitHub.


Clander is a simple calendar app. I'm working on it with my friend Danton. Check it out on GitHub.